Difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist | Roles, Skills, Salary, Growth
August 28, 2022

Difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist | Roles, Skills, Salary, Growth

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According to LinkedIn, there are currently over 2 million data analyst professionals working across various industries. 

Difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Data analysts and data scientists are the most in-demanded jobs in the 21st century, data scientists becomes high-paying jobs in 2022. Research says the demand for machine learning specialist, big data specialist, and data scientist professionals are increasing. 

In the 90s when Java is one of the hottest jobs at the time and even in 2022 also. In the time 90s, every industry jumped to hire java developers and experts. Right now data analyst and data scientist roles are with a bang. So, keep your eye on the latest hiring to succeed in your career. According to LinkedIn, there are currently over 2 million data analyst professionals working across various industries. 

In this blog, we discussed the difference between a data analyst and a data scientist. Both roles analyze data, but they do so in different ways.


What’s the Difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist?

1. What is a data scientist?

A data scientist, who uses data to solve problems. They have to work with data analysts, and business analysts to help them understand the data. On the other hand, a data scientist uses advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to solve complex problems using big data concepts. A data scientist uses statistics and machine learning, deep learning programming to build predictive models and algorithms for problems in data. They are mainly creating a solution for real-world problems in the world by using ML algorithms. 

2. What is a data analyst?

A data analyst is someone who works with data and uses statistical methods to analyze a large amount of data. They use this data to make sense of it like finding patterns in the data and creating a trend within the data. Data Analysts need some basic knowledge about statistics and how to read and handle, interpret data.

All about Data Scientist Roles, Skills, Salary, and Career Path:

1. What do Data Scientists do?

Data scientists help businesses to make the right decisions based on their data. They are using various technologies and programming languages for handling and organizing the data, there are statistics, machine learning, computer science, business knowledge, Programming, and Data visualization to analyze data and create insights for better results. 

2. How does a Data Scientist work?

The job role of a data scientist work is to collect and organize data, then apply this data to statistical analysis techniques and find patterns and trends for businesses. A well-experienced data scientist might use tools like Excel, R, Python, SQL, SAS, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, and Tableau.

3. Where do Data Scientists work?

Data scientists work at maximum IT companies that have a lot of data, including large-level tech companies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, insurance providers, marketing agencies, and retail store providers.

4. Why should I become a Data Scientist?

Anyone can become a data scientist with proper skills. You could earn $100,000 per year working as a data scientist in the US. You'll learn how to analyze data and develop models using software like R, SAS, and Python. You'll also get experience managing projects and communicating with clients.
Data Scientist Job description: Data scientists make use of their analytical, programming, statistical skills to collect, and analyze, interpret large data sets. They then use to provide their strong technical information to develop data-driven solutions to demanding business challenges.

Data Scientist Average Salary in India: ₹11 Lakhs per year

Data Scientist Average Salary in the USA: $100,000 per year 

Active job openings for Data Scientist Position on Glassdoor: 10,071 

Data Science Being The New Sexiest Job Of 2022?

5. How much does a Data Scientist make?

According to Glassdoor PayScale reviews, the median salary for a data scientist role is up to $110,000 per year. 

6. What are the top skills for Data Scientists?

  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • SQL
  • Deep Learning
  • R
  • Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Computer Science
  • Analytics & Statistics
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

7. How to become a data scientist?

Becoming a data scientist requires a lot of education and hands-on training experience. But once you skilled those above skills of python, ML, R, statistics, data analysis, and others, you will be able to find well-paid jobs in data scientist roles in almost any industry. As a data scientist, you will be responsible for collecting the data, cleaning, and preparing visual analysis before applying advanced analytical techniques to it.

8. How do I get started data scientist career?

If you are interested in being a data analyst or data scientist to start your career, you should first take some courses online at Coursera
Coursera online courses will teach you all the details to become a data scientist, its starts from the basics of computer programming and provide good understanding classes for becoming a data analyst or data science professional.

All about Data Analyst Roles, Skills, Salary, and Career Path

1. What does Data Analysis do?

In simple terms, data analysis work is a process of analyzing information collected data from various sources to create insight for better results. In online business growth, data analysis is wisely used to understand customer behavior and the latest trends, predict future outcomes for business ideas, and make the best decisions based on data analyst reports and results. 

2. Why do companies need and hire Data Analysts?

The world is becoming increasingly complex because of handling millions of data every second. Development of technology advances, businesses have become more complicated in the handling of data to run their operations. A data analyst is responsible for collecting, organizing, and interpreting data to help companies make the right decision for better business ideas and growth.

3. How does a Data Analyst work?

A data analyst works with different kinds of IT departments to collect data, organize, and interpret data. Use software programs to analyze the collected data and visualize by using data visualizing tools and visual formats such as graphs and charts, etc...  This process makes it easier to understand business plans and work with massive amounts of data easily. Once the data is ready to visualize, then the company management will make sound decisions based on the data analyst reports. That’s why companies are very eager to hire data analyst professionals for their company's plan and growth. 

4. Career Paths for Data Analysts' Role

There are many career paths open to a data analyst role in various industries. Some examples include:

  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  •  Project Management Specialist

5. How much does a Data analyst make?

All fresher engineering graduates wish to become data analysts. The entry-level Data Analyst is get 3 to 6 lakhs per year in India. The average salary for mid-level Data Analysts is 6 to 8 lakhs annually in India. The salary for an experienced Data Analyst is more than 8 lakhs per year in India.

The average salary for a data analyst is getting paid around $65,000 per year in the United States

6. What are the skills required to become a data analyst?

1. Data Visualization

2. Python and R

3. SQL

4. Machine Learning

5. Microsoft Excel

6. Critical Thinking & Creativity

7. Communication & Presentation Skills

Skills Required To Become Data Analyst in 2022

7. How to become a data analyst with no experience?

Freshers can start their careers as data analysts even without experience. The steps to becoming a data analyst are,

1. Great online courses and guides are available online. So, start your self-study.
2. Try hands-on projects related to data analytics to boost your resume. 
3. Apply for Internships and jobs through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 
4. You can also apply for direct recruitment.


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